Black Eyed Peas falls short in expectations for their new album


Brendan Burns, News Editor

While their songs “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow” on the “THE E.N.D (THE ENERGY NEVER DIES) reached top billboard in 2009, The Black Eyed Peas most recent album does not reach the same standards.
It was very disappointing when I hit shuffle on their newest album “MASTERS OF THE SUN VOL. 1”; it was very noticeable that Fergie was absent from the group. They had another singer to replace her named Nicole Scherzinger, and she is nowhere near the same. Fergie would always take part in the development of the song; now that she’s not, their lyrics lack depth. Fergie’s voice always gave a sense of greatness and comfort with how good she was. Scherzinger does not live up to this same standard.
After a minute of listening to the song “YES OR NO” I had no desire to listen to more, but after giving it another go, I did enjoy “RING THE ALARM pt.1 pt.2 pt.3”. They are trying to mix old-school beats with present day beats and while that does work in some cases, the way they did it wasn’t very effective. The beats and lyrics were not supposed to be together: it sounded like a bunch of metal tools were dropped.
There was also a variety of different alternative beats and lyrics in previous albums, whereas most of the beats and lyrics are similar to the other songs in this album.
Without Fergie, they’re
struggling to come up with beats and better lyrics. It has been said on “The Sun” that The Black Eyed Peas will not even make it to the UK top 40.
If The Black Eyed Peas were to come up with more unique material, it would be a lot better than what they offered inthis album. Also, if Fergie were to come back, they would be back on track. In an interview with McCabe at 97.1 AMP Radio in Los Angeles, Fergie said she loves all the people who are a part of the band. Even though Fergie is still in touch with the group, she has also stated that she has been stretched too a thin with her own song writing.
All-and-all, I was very
disappointed in the rest of the group’s efforts to recalibrate with their new album. Hopefully this is a wake up call for them to come up with something new. They’re going on tour with their new album to Zenith de Paris, Paris, France on Monday Nov 12. They will continue to tour around the world until Nov 17, but then they will have time to reevaluate before they tour again next October in 2019. I rate this album 2 out of 5 stars.