Subjective views on politics influence students

Editorial, Staff

When it comes to politics, everyone has the right to their own opinion. However, teachers should keep in mind that they should present both sides with an objective outlook in classrooms.
Teachers are responsible for creating an honest learning environment for students , but that shouldn’t mean that teachers should tell only what they think is true about certain issues. There are two sides to every story and everyone should hear from both sides before making their own decision.
Even though some teachers are open about their political beliefs, it is very unlikely that they are trying to persuade students to vote for a specific candidate. It could be that some teachers have a strong passion for speaking about many topics, including politics. However, this can affect students who are exposed to these one-sided political discussions.
If students are only exposed to the positives of one political party, they will believe that candidates from that party are the best ones to vote for because they don’t know anything about the other politicians in the race.
While anyone who votes should be responsible for educating themselves on the candidates, students who don’t take this responsibility will rely on what they hear and might be signing the ballot blindly, electing someone they might not have chosen if they knew what the other side of the election stood for. This could lead to a candidate potentially being elected by uneducated voters.
Even though politics can be discussed in school, teachers should be as objective as they can when conversing with students to ensure unbiased voting in the polls.