Depew pilots classroom computers


Iris Wright

Daniel Carter, senior, works with one of the new laptops to analyze an article for his rhetoric class.

Brendan Burns, News Editor

In English teacher Adam Depew’s classes, students are using laptops everyday as a part of a new program called Trailblazer.
“The idea to bring in new computers was brought up to me by Mr. Stephens last semester during the spring,” Depew said.
This trial would test going from physical textbooks to online textbooks.
“There was a grant that was available for technology and so the decision was made that there would be a cart of upgraded computers in one classroom,” Depew said.
Principal Dave Stephens chose Depew to introduce the new system.
“He chose my class because he was made aware that I had just finished a technology course,” Depew said.
Students using these new computers daily doesn’t stop at one class. Depew uses the computers in both of his classes, English III and Rhetoric, and all periods he teaches.
“The plan for the computers, if everything works out as planned, will be to put computers in every class in the district,” Depew said.
After the plan was established, the next step was to provide the computers and gain the schoolboard’s support.
“The overall price for the grant I’m not aware of, but it wasn’t cheap,” Depew said. “The price of the cart and computers are also a large sum of money. Storage wise it’s easy because it is not much bigger than the previous carts we have.”
Issues regarding the placement of technology were quickly solved before the laptops in Depew’s room were implemented.
“There are issues with the internet capacity for so many students at once,” Depew said. “But with problems does come a solution.”
The school board and most of the school faculty support the new system.
“It’s great; anytime we can put more technology in students’ hands, we take that opportunity,” Stephens said. “Our district has done an excellent job of finding the best way to implement the program.”
Plans to include more classrooms in the program are already forming.
“We are expanding the program to include a science teacher this year,” Stephens said.
The aspiration for all students to use technology in the classroom may soon become a reality.
“The overall plan is to incorporate as much technology for the students as we can,” Depew said.