‘Double Agent’ student balances double life


Hannah Kopeck

Molly Jaszczak, sophomore, moves in formation during the band’s performance of “Double Agent” at Green and White night.

Hannah Kopeck, Sports Editor

Molly Jaszczak, sophomore, manages her schedule with the stealth of an “agent” and the grace of a dancer, which for her makes sense, because she is both a clarinet player in the marching band performance Double Agent, and a dancer on the JV poms team.
“Molly is a really sweet and funny person, with a crazily determined personality,” Adrianna Giacona, junior and fellow band mate, said.
“I couldn’t keep my poms and band world separate,” Jaszczak, said. “I just try and make it and do as much as I can.”
Her friends are very proud of her for taking on both activities.
“I couldn’t imagine being in poms and marching band, they are both huge commitments,” Syrina Schwichtenberg, sophomore pomcat, said.
Since both poms and marching band occur in the fall, practices tend to overlap, or run back to back.
“If I’m an hour late to band, I’m an hour late to band,” Jaszczak, said. “Or, if I’m an hour late to poms, I’m an hour late to poms.”
Fortunately, her coach is supportive of her endeavors. “Although she juggles being a student, Pomcat, and member of the band, you would never know it at practice,” April Seef-Gabel, JV poms coach, said. She is always 100% present at practice, mentally and physically. I consider Molly to be a role model on the team.”
Her friends on the dance team and in band always encourage her when she’s out on the field.
“I always get cheered on at football games when I’m preforming,” Jaszczak, said. “The poms girls will always be sitting on the sidelines cheering my name. It’s a lot of fun.”
For now, her performance schedule only runs back to back at home football games, but in the upcoming years as she advances on the dance team, she will perform with poms and with band in the same half time show.
“It’s going to be a little bit harder, for sure. Also, I won’t have time to change into my band uniform like I do now, so I’ll be performing everything in my poms uniform because I can’t dance in my band uniform,” Jaszczak added with a laugh.
Her secret to keeping it all together is time management.
“It does get tough, but it’s just time management. If you manage your time well, you can make it work,” Jaszczak said.
She utilizes the calendar app on her phone because it tells her where and when all of her events are. And when practices overlap on days when she has a lot of homework, she remains humble, and does not make excuses for herself.
“She seems positive and is involved each class day,” Karin Walker, English teacher, said. “All her work is complete and thoughtful. She does not complain or whine about being too busy or overwhelmed. It has been great to have her in class this year.”
“I don’t really talk about my schedule with my teachers, I just get the work done” Jascszak said.
Even when her schedule gets overwhelming, she remains humble and wouldn’t have it any other way.