August start benefits students

Editorial, Staff

While some students may not see an adavntage in having to go back to school earlier than other cities around them like Chicago, starting school in August can benefit students in more ways than they think.
According to LA Times, starting in August gives students more time to study for standardized tests. Usually by the time school starts, test dates have been decided and maybe announced. Starting early allows students more time to cover the material and learn the subjects needed to prepare for the upcoming tests such as SAT and AP.
Starting school in August also allows for enjoyment of maximum summer weather. Students who start in September are missing the start of next summer by ending school in June, but they also miss out on activities such as Raging Waves because they close on weekdays during August.
By start school early, students also get out early. Starting school in mid-August allows for students to end the school year around mid-May before Memorial Day, which is when most pools open, so they will not miss any swim opportunities.
Additionally as reported by CNN, Schools who start in September usually have to go through the hassle of finishing first semester after winter break. Projects, tests, and other assignments to wrap up the semester are usually delayed until after the holidays. This makes it harder for students to come back and remember the information studied before break.
So when getting ready to head back to class in the middle of August, just remember that it was probably worth it to get ahead of the new school year rather than to wait another month to be behind when coming back to class.