Super Fans faithful through it all

Hannah Kopek, Sports Editor

Dark clouds inched upon Wildcat Stadium, where they opened, releasing large droplets of water that soaked everyone in the stands. The rain, however, did not deter the superfans as they continued to stand and cheer during the varsity scrimmage.

“Wildcats stay around, rain or shine,” Kailey Morrell, sophomore, said. “We’re all going to wait it out and support the football players.” Even throughout the team’s four-year losing streak, the superfans maintained consistent numbers.

“This is the tradition of the superfans,” Mark Krusz, Athletic Director, said. “They stick with you through thick and thin, through wins and losses.”

Their attendance did not go unnoticed by members of the football team, who were grateful for the unyielding support.

“We’ve got the best superfans in Plainfield,” Joe Edozie, varsity football player, said. “They stayed out here even though it was raining- and it came down raining really hard- so to me it means they’re just as dedicated as we are.”

This pride and dedication aren’t taught within class, but rather outside when students and staff come together for a common cause.

“It’s our school’s way of all getting together and showing our pride and passion,” Billy Schrage, senior, said.

Being a wildcat means different things to different groups, and for the superfans, being a wildcat means being there.

“We want to show them [the football team] that rain or shine, we’re going to encourage them to keep going,” Martha Esparza, senior, said. The consensus from the superfans is clear, rain or shine, win or lose, they will always be there to support the team.

The superfans will take to the stands at Tiger Stadium, where the Wildcats face the Tigers of Plainfield North on Aug 31.