Faces of Central

“I’m a gymnast. The best moment of my life was the first time I ever got a back-handspring because it took me around three years to try to get it. I’m proud of making it to the optional levels and finally getting my own routine that I choreographed myself and picked my own music for.”

Hannah Darbro and Audrey Nelson

Everyone has a story. In 2010, Chicago-dwelling Brandon Stanton decided to move to New York City with the goal of publishing 10,000 photos. He had recently lost his job and wanted to pursue something he enjoyed. “My purpose in Humans of New York is not to tell the story of humanity, it’s to tell the story of the person right in front of me,” Stanton said in a 2016 interview with CBS. Individual stories are not exclusive to New York City. One male and one female from each class were chosen using the Google random number generator. If a student whose number was picked said that they did not want to be interviewed, a new number was chosen.