Baseball players save house, dog from fire


Kat Hahn-Boisvert

Juniors, Ben Wieglos and Bobby Boekeloo

Brady Jones and Hannah Darbro

Juniors Bobby Boekeloo and Ben Wieglos didn’t realize as they strolled around the Joliet residential area fundraising for the baseball program last Sunday that they were about to become heroes.

During their door-to-door sales, they came across a house blaring with a fire alarm.

“We went around to the side, and we saw fire and smoke coming out the windows. The glass was breaking; you could hear it cracking,” Boekeloo said.

As the smoke poured out from the house, the teenagers took action.

“I asked the neighbors if the homeowners had any pets or kids inside the house,” Wieglos said. “They said a dog was in the house, so we ran back and I realized I needed to call 911.”

As Wieglos began his phone call with the fire department, Boekeloo went for the dog.

“Pets don’t know what to do; they can’t save themselves,” Boekeloo said. “I knew I had to go in there.”

The dog was located in the sunroom of the home, slightly away from the fire.

“I picked it up and brought it to the back door and it just ran into the backyard,” Boekeloo said.

The boys gave the dog to the neighbor, and waited for the fire department and family to arrive at the home.

“We actually got a couple sales out of it,” Boekeloo said jokingly. They were both just glad they were able to help.