A Safer Internet

Jon Kealey, Staff Writer

Everyone knows the internet can be a dangerous place but it is also a place where the youth of our nation spend more time than any other generation. It is our duty as members of society to do the best in making sure popular sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube are places parents don’t need to worry about the well-being of our youth.

Logan Paul, a popular Youtuber, put all of this into question at the turn of the New Year by posting an obscene video showing in full view the body of a suicide victim. The video was immediately under fire by viewers around the world, pushing Paul to post an apology video condemning his actions. He has since taken a temporarily leave of absence from Youtube, stating that he is taking time to reflect.

Though Paul can certainly be forgiven, it begs the question of whether further steps need to be taken to ensure this sort of thing does not happen again. It is terrifying to think that there were ten year old viewers unexpectedly being exposed to such a dark concept, their parents being completely unaware. Perhaps a suspension from Youtube or the revoking of his rights to monetize videos, permanently or temporarily, would be an appropriate route to handle this situation.

Paul has already suffered financial losses from Youtube for special films and shows he has no longer been given permission to appear in, but this is small in comparison to the lofty sum of cash he will be taking home anyway.

A message needs to be sent so that people will know in the future that what goes online is serious and can be viewed by anybody. Paul’s career does not have to be over; though on the hot seat now, he has been a source of joy for many viewers over the years. It is time for Youtube to make a statement on what will happen to those who post recklessly in the future. This was never about ruining the career of a young man who made the wrong decision, it is about making this world far safer for young minds.