School pride must begin with students

Brady Jones, Staff Writer

‘Be a Wildcat’ hallways have taken over certain halls on Fridays. One hallway a week is decorated and filled with NHS volunteers in t-shirts to offer help and compliments. The purpose of these hallways lies within the name: it is to boost school spirit and pride in being a Wildcat.
Some may remember the old, but not forgotten ‘Hello’ hallways. Though they follow the same principles, ‘Be a Wildcat’ hallways are looking to set themselves apart. NHS students’ efforts are clearly shown, staying after school for hours to prepare. The only concern seems to be the actual running of the hallways.
While some NHS members are sincere, others are just searching for the golden 30 service hours, and many other students aren’t feeling the impact of these hallways in their daily lives.
Many students have said they have never heard of these hallways or never notice any difference walking through the halls. Other students feel as if the people around them do not take it seriously enough to make an effort.
While the hallways do have good intentions, according to a recent Fielder survey, 75% of students feel as if no plethora of hallways will change how they feel about the school as a whole. Some said they will always have school pride, and the others just the opposite.
The number of students who bleed green and white to those who just simply go through the motions, is not even comparable. Those who bleed green and white love these hallways and love everything about the school, but the same goes vice versa for those who do not.
To get the ‘Be a Wildcat’ spirit to spread, hallways alone will not do it.
The students who are impartial towards the school have to decide to become involved in some part of PCHS before they will appreciate the hallways for what they are trying to accomplish. However, the hallways will not make them become involved. It is high school; people want to formulate their own ideas and logic.
Rather than waiting around for NHS participants to give compliments and encouragement, we should all do so ourselves to anyone on any day of the week. NHS should not have to go to these heights to make sure everyone bleeds green and white.
As students, we should not need hallways to boost our school spirit. Instead, we should choose to have pride that we are Wildcats. Whether we like it or not, this is our school, so we should all choose to make the most of it by making a personal effort.