To Play or Not to Play: Christmas Music


Dejah Travis, Videographer

Why cut short the good spirits, happiness, and exuberance that comes along with Christmas music? Christmas time music brings so much joy to so many people across the land, why is it such a big deal if we start playing Christmas music right after Halloween? Tis the season, right? Thanksgiving is, of course the next holiday in line after Halloween. Yet we don’t have any Thanksgiving music, so it’s only right that we play Christmas music in place of it. For people to say that listening to Christmas music after Halloween is “skipping” Thanksgiving is simply ridiculous.
The music that people listen to sets their mood. Besides Christmas music has amazing effects on the human spirit. Christmas music is nostalgic; it surrounds the room with such a positive aura – a person can’t help but smile and be happy. Christmas music can move people to do good deeds when hearing such positivity and joy within the music. It’s the season of giving, peace and harmony, and it all starts with what you hear. So it’s important that we start this kind of inspiration to do well early.
Maybe some haven’t found their Christmas music hitch yet. Of course, the generic, played out “Jingle Bell Rock” and “Frosty the Snowman” are going to get a bit repetitive. But there are so many great musical artists that have amazing Christmas songs and albums. Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Fantasia, NYSNC, Destiny’s Child, the list can go on. People are so eager to hear it, it may start a whole month early. So what if there are a couple of disliked Christmas jingles, there’s a ton of different songs to choose from.
Christmas music is what most people wait all year to hear. The eagerness is high enough that it starts a whole month early. There’s 10 months of having no Christmas magic. A couple of months of happiness won’t kill all the grinches of the world.