Parking Lot: Pedestrians in Peril


Fielder Staff

When 2:10 rolls around, the madness in the parking lot begins. Both the junior and the senior lots are extremely crowded, and the lines to the exits are all formed before many people have even left the building. There are students that will wait in their cars until the traffic has decreased because they are fearful of being around so many other drivers at once. The same issues apply in the mornings as well, between the traffic of students driving into school mixed with all the students being dropped off by their parents.

Everyone wants one thing — to get home as soon as possible. Many students have jobs and other responsibilities they need to get to, like supervising younger siblings. It is commonplace to see small accidents, like someone being rear-ended while driving down River Road after a school day, and especially at the intersection of Renwick and River. This issue could be resolved with a four-way stop at the intersection or even a stop light. Similarly, for the exits of the school parking lot, everyone would benefit from a community service officer to direct traffic. People are constantly cutting each other off and speeding through the parking lots, almost hitting their classmates.

Staff should also address proper “parking lot etiquette” when they teach driver’s education.

Even with all of these possible solutions, the problems will not just fix themselves. The bottom line is that students need to be courteous of their peers.