Ask The Administration


Brendan Burns, Staff Writer

Why do you think more parents don’t take advantage of parent teacher conferences?
I think for some parents if they have other students in the building, they have already met the teachers or they already know the expectations of the teacher. Otherwise i think it just has to do with they’re very busy with multiple jobs and such. The student could also already be doing very well in the class.

What’s the policy for wearing costumes at school?
Well, obviously we encourage all kids to wear costumes because I think it’s fun for Halloween, but we don’t want any full face coverings. I know as far as hats go that it needs to be appropriate for the costume and no fake weapons or anything that would’nt be allowed during the normal school day.

What is your favorite scary movie?
Oh my gosh I absolutely hate scary movies, I have not seen a scary movie since I was a teenager and it was Friday the 13th

What is your favorite candy during Halloween?
It would have to be Reese’s peanut butter cups, I love anything with peanut butter!

What do you like to do for Halloween?
Well, now that I have kids I absolutely love going around with my kids house to house trick-or-treating. We also have in our neighborhood cookouts. My kids and I always end up at the end of someone’s driveway eating chili and hotdogs and popcorn and such.

Have you ever experienced any supernatural experience?
Yes. After my grandfather passed away, there was a picture that my mom and I kept trying to print, and the picture was my grandfather with a couple of my uncles. Everytime we printed it, it would just print my grandfather. We had it so it would print everyone in the picture, but everytime it would print, it would print just him. We still have not been able to fix the problem.