Soccer looks for conference win


Tom Klimek, Sports Editor

The boys’ varsity soccer team has started off their season with an overall record of 14 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties, along with a record of 6 and 1 in conference. The team is working on earning the conference title.
“I think the team has more focus, and they now know what it takes to win and are working every day to achieve that win,” coach, Kevin Fitzgerald, said.
The players agree, and feel confident.
“We’ve worked really hard this year, and we really think that we have a great shot at the conference title this year,” Ian Jamrozy, senior, said.
“I’m really looking forward to winning that conference title,” Collin Dybas, junior, said.
The team has created a sense of overall cooperation, incereasing the bond they have.
“We’re like a family. We work together and care for each other every time we’re together,” Jamrozy said.
“The team is like a family, a brotherhood,” Simeon Adesina, senior, said. “Being part of the team being a part of something bigger than yourself.”
Off-season improvement is a factor that has greatly helped their team grow overall.
“Off-season consisted of club soccer and the weight room for me. It’s really helped me get ready for this season,” Dybas said.
“I prepared by working out and continuing my training during off-season,” Adesina said.
Fitzgerald feels it is important to utilize that time wisely.
“During the season it’s definitely harder to work on individual skill since the team aspect is so important, but with the off season there are many different clubs that can help with individual skills that we don’t necessarily have the time to work on during the season,” Fitzgerald said.
They also have their own traditions to help motivate themselves before a game.
“Uncle Bert will show us a motivational video and give us a speech before every game that we play,” Jamorzy said.
The players feel they have a good chance to meet their personal and team goals.
“Our team is really excited, and we think we have a really good chance to get that conference title this year,” Fitzgerald said.
Tonight is the first IHSA regional game.