Soda Tax Fizzles Out


We Need Our Share

The soda tax in Chicago is the direct descendant of the cap on soft drink size in New York City. In theory its purpose is to eliminate obesity by creating higher penalties and taxes for purchasing a soft drink of 44 oz. or more.

Laws like these are put into effect to punish individuals fiscally. This idea was observed a few years back, when the price of cigarettes and other tobacco products was increased significantly in Cook and DuPage Counties.

CBS Chicago has indicated through sales records that sales of soda have decreased by 47 percent since the enactment of the tax. Unlike the cigarette tax, which is a tax that penalizes the 18+ demographic, the soda tax affects all those that are able to make purchases, and despite soda costing less on average, it yields more sales than tobacco.

Though the government would be collecting less sales tax per individual sale of soda, the government will make more money from the sheer quantity of items sold with sales tax.

By also monopolizing water, the government ensures a standard that is federally monitored and regulated. Unlike soda, water is necessary, and as such should not be taxed or interfered with.

Allow citizens to govern their own lives, without the imposing soda tax.With a country based on freedom, the freedom to buy soda without a ludicrous tax should go without saying.