BREAKING NEWS: Rumors of possible threat cause concern among students

Allen Garcia, Online editor

Rumors of a potential threat to the school spread through social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook warning that a student was going to cause harm at the school and urging students to stay home.

“We knew it was not credible last evening. The reality is that there was no situation,” Dave Stephens, principal said.

The main office received multiple calls from concerned parents regarding the safety of their child, and a handful of students wanted to leave school because they felt unsafe.

“The Plainfield police department determined no threat to the school. If I thought that there was something in this school that could cause harm to the students that I love, I would not hold open the door in the morning if there was a credible threat,” Stephens said.

“Unfortunately this is the way this news spreads, people rush to conclusions, but we try to get to the facts,” school police officer Jason Kopek said. “I do my best to insure the safety of the students.”

Both Stephens and Kopek agree that “every threat, real or not, should be taken seriously.”

“Any rumor of a threat I would want to be made aware to prevent any violence, whether it be a bomb threat or a rumor of a fight, I would like to know,” Kopek said.

Mr. Stephens sent out a text to the parents of PCHS at 8:57a.m. stating:

“We have received calls about a threat at school. School officials and the police have investigated and found no credible evidence to the rumor. The mis-information on social media has negatively fueled this rumor. The safety and security of our students and staff is out top priority.”