Is premarital cohabitation acceptable?


Jack Plewa, Editor in Chief

Often now, people live with their significant other but do not get married. It starts off as a regular relationship where two people are dating, and eventually one person in the relationship moves in with the other.
When this happens, the couple become used to each other and the relationship doesn’t really grow. If the couple do end up getting married, the divorce rate is higher compared to people who don’t live together and get married.
Many couples just don’t get married at all, but continue to live with each other. However, there is no point to the relationship if marriage isn’t even an option.
Many won’t even plan on getting married because if things don’t work out, they won’t have a legal issue. That is basically saying they want an easy out if things go wrong. This is exactly what a commitment issue is. They are scared to make a permanent commitment. That commitment is the only difference between living with each other forever while not being married and living with each other forever while being married.
If your significant other truly loves you, then they shouldn’t have a problem with solidifying their love for you by getting married. And if they don’t want to get married because they say they have commitment issues, then they don’t really love you because they’re scared to make a commitment to you.
Relationships will be stronger when dating couples aren’t living with each other because it will leave some excitement in their relationship, and then they will be forced to face new obstacles together in marriage, something that is vital to a strong and healthy relationship.
People need to rethink their relationship and make sure that they aren’t moving forward too fast.