The Fate of The Furious falls short with confusing plot

Julincia Brandon

Recently Fast and Furious was released, and it lost many fans due to the poor plot and confusing scenes. When it came to the cars and action it was great, but overall they could have done better.
For instance there were many things that could have been explained such as how did the characters end up in Cuba and what about Toretto’s family there.
Also during the movie, Dom being forced to go rogue and work for the side of villainy keeps the main cast separate from each other for most of the film and keeps most of them in a state of misery and gloom.
This film requires viewers to either forget what they know about the Fast and Furious series or ignore the drama of what came before.
This movie feels like a there was a bunch of random parts that were thrown together to somehow eventually put them into a roadworthy vehicle. Over the years the characters have grown closer together and have become loyal to each other and more like a family until now. Dom isn’t with them, and he isn’t one of the good guys anymore due to the plot and script of this movie, and now the characters don’t look like they’re having much fun.
This may be because of the death of their former co-star Paul Walker, who played the role of Brian O’Conner in previous movies or it may just be that the director ran out of ideas.
If someone wants to see a movie packed with action and exiting scenes, this would be the movie for them, but if someone wants a movie with a good storyline,this isn’t the one because it can be confusing at times.
I would only give this movie three out of five stars because this could have been a lot better when it comes to the plot and continuing the storyline from the previuos movies in this series and that has been proven with previous movies from this series.