Bass Fishing Club Hooks Success


Nathan Bartlett and Josh Masek

The bass fishing club has been very successful in the past two years, qualifying for state. The club continues to look for fishing enthusiasts. It is sponsored by Josh Bloodgood and has been a club for seven years. Members of the club expressed the joy they felt during the competitions.

   “It was relief. We didn’t think we would make it, but we placed third, which qualified us for state.” said David Patush, senior.

   Each member of the bass fishing club has their own story to tell.

   “I was 12 years old. We were in the Bahamas heading to a regatta on another island. We were towing our other boat so the fishing chair was not anchored to the deck while we were trolling. I got up from the chair to grab a sandwich from the cooler. WHAM! A 3.5 foot barracuda. The fish the spinner and the chair flew across the deck. One of the deck hands helped me get into the chair and land the fish,” Bloodgood said.

   According to Bloodgood, the club was started because “fishing is a great outdoor activity that gives students the opportunity to compete at a competitive level.”

   Boys aren’t the only ones in on the fun. Linda Hart, lunchroom supervisor, is involved in the club and enjoys fishing on her own. She enjoys fishing at a pond in her subdivision and also has pleasant memories of fishing elsewhere.

   “We were in Lake Geneva on the lake and I caught two northern,” Hart said.

   The club practices on Thursdays, 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. at Settlers Park. The season can vary in length depending on when it starts and if they go to state. The sectional competition used to be held at Lake Holiday; however, this year it will be at Lake Heideckie. Because of the locations of practice and tournaments, members notice a significant difference between the ways the fish react.

   “Practice is a completely different beast from the tournament,” Patush said.

   The club features some very experienced fisherman but is welcome to all levels of experience.

   “You may not always catch something but you still have a good time hanging out with everyone,” said Katelyn Mulligan, freshman.

   There is some debate on whether or not fishing is a sport. Bloodgood has an answer to that question.

   “Yes, because there are college and professional levels to fishing,” he said.

   This club provides an opportunity for individuals to use their fishing skills and fish competitively as well as to be part of a group of people with a common love for the sport.

   For those who have never fished, members of the club can give valuable advice.

   “You have to be patient and bring a few friends and family,” Mulligan said.

   No matter a person’s level of experience, the bass club can offer a positive experience to everyone who enjoys fishing.