Is fast food to blame for obesity?


Cartoon by Summerlynn Smith

Caitlyn McCarthy and Jack Plewa, Sports Editor and Editor-in-Chief

In recent years, obesity has become a problem all over the United States, in part because of the increase of fast food places in towns across the country. These companies offer a variety of unhealthy foods; however, they do not offer as many healthy options. These companies should be giving their consumers healthier , less expensive options alongside their cheap fast food options.

According to News-Medical.Net, “[fast food] increases the risk of obesity because of large portion sizes and increased energy density of foods”.

Companies not only have low prices on their food, but the food they sell has low nutritional value. The combination of low prices and the advertisements that are seen all the time the fact that there seems to be a fast food place on every corner.

According to the American Psychological Association website, “Research has found strong associations between increases in advertising for non-nutritious foods and rates of childhood obesity”.

Since there are so many fast food places in every town it really limits the places the citizens can turn to. Some people do not have any other option than the fast food places that are located close to their homes. There are many people who work late and have to buy something to eat rather than cooking food at home because those are the only places that are open.

Many people will argue that no one is forcing the citizens to eat the fast food which is true. However many people only have the option of fast food because they might work late, and because there might not be any alternatives to the fast food places. Like marianos which is extremely expensive.Fast food companies should be providing healthier options at the same prices they are offering their unhealthy food.


Fast food has caused many problems in the world, specifically in the U.S. with obesity. People feel that they should blame fast food companies for their unhealthy choices, but the blame all lies in the person who’s looking back at themselves in the mirror.

Consumers are 100% responsible to blame for obesity due to eating fast food. People have their own free will to do whatever they choose.

Although people say that fast food companies trick people into eating their food, the decision still lies within the person. Adults should know if they’re eating too much fast food or not because they are able to make their own decisions. But how much is too much? When it gets to the point of people becoming overweight and obese in a matter of weeks or months, or when people start having health issues, then there is obviously too much fast food in a person’s diet.

Many people also try to say that child obesity is a direct result of fast food companies advertising to them, but that’s still not true. Parents are responsible for what their children eat because children don’t fully understand the idea of healthy eating.

Although there is a lack of accessibility to healthier options, people can make the effort to buy a meal from a health-foods store rather than from a fast-food’s restaurant. Fast food companies don’t force anyone to do anything.

This is obviously a free country; people can eat whatever they chose. I’ll have to admit that it is hard to resist fast food when they are located everywhere, and it’s fast, cheap, and easy, but that’s when people have to stop themselves and think about what’s the best choice for them and their body.

People can only hurt or help themselves. No one else can make that decision for them, because in the end, it is the individual who decides whether or not he or she wants to be living an unhealthy lifestyle.