Girls volleyball undefeated


Jack Plewa

Sophomore, Grace Brock serves the ball in a win against Minooka.

Elizabeth Hsieh, Staff Writer

After starting off the year with a formidable record, the girls volleyball team has found great success yet again after winning another consecutive conference championship this season. Whether it’s in practice or facing another school, the team’s unwavering determination has continued to show through and keep them going.
“As a team, we all wanted to defend our conference title,” Kory Beard, senior, said. “We never let up, even if it’s a game that’s not too important.”
Working their way through many tough matches and lineups, everyone on the team has been determined to give their all and make this yet another successful season.
“I want to look back and see we got as far as we hoped and believed we could,” Megan Brock, senior, said. “I don’t want to let anyone down, and I want to show everyone I’m giving my all for the team.”
Since starting off the year, the girls have had many critical and celebrated wins, with Minooka being one of their most decisive victories.
“Minooka by far had been the big rival,” Coach Erik Vogt said.
“Just beating them was a really big success for us,” Brock said.
Even with their many accomplishments, the girls only look and expect to improve more.
“They have to be a student of the game,” Vogt said. “You need to spend a lot of hours perfecting your craft.”
By working together and getting closer as a team, the girls have been able to overcome any major setbacks or losses in their way.
“This is the first year this group has played together, so we’ve had to adjust to everyone’s different playing style. We’re all family, and we’re all sisters, so that helps a lot with working together,” Ashley Shook, senior, said. “After games, we always give each other high fives, despite if we won or lost.”
For all the players in girls volleyball, success is something they’ve achieved together as a group.
“We all make up for each other,” Annie Obradovich, senior, said. “It all revolves around support.”
With high hopes and expectations for the future, the girls don’t plan to leave without making an impression.
“We just want to leave our program better than we found it,” Obradovich said.
As the season progresses, the team continues to make more improvements, only getting stronger and stronger.
“We get better every time we play, and we’re right there with our goals,” Coach Erik Vogt said. “They can face challenge, and they see it not as something scary, but as another obstacle. When you aim high you have to work hard.”