DECA officially open for students

Michael Hood , Staff Writer

Distributive Education Club of America (DECA) is a new club that sponsor Charles Rischel, computer teacher, thinks everyone should be excited about.

“DECA is a club that allows students to explore different aspects of business”, Rischel said; “These aspects range from sports marketing to business law.”

There’s no reason not to do it, apparently. According to Rischel any high school student can join.

“There’s a $35 club fee for joinees, which basically pays for one guaranteed competition, which could lead to regional,” Rischel said.

Students looking for a resume-booster may be a good fit for DECA.

“DECA will be what kids want to get out of it, it’s basically self-directed, and is well-known in the college of business worlds,” Rischel said. DECA offers the opportunity for students to join a virtually student-led organization, whose name holds weight outside of Plainfield Central.

DECA is not only an opportunity to explore new topics with insightful peers, but the real dividends could be paid years down the road.

“The incentives are potential for college scholarships, but it’s also giving you an opportunity to explore things you wouldn’t normally wouldn’t be able to explore in high school. You gain interview experience, which is a life skill,” Rischel said. DECA could be more than a club; for some people it could be life-changing.

For students who would like a more traditional debate experience, the debate team serves as a great alternative to DECA. Debate team was described by sponsor, English teacher Adam Depew as “a forum to discuss controversial topics” and actually he sees it as “more of a club than a team”.

Just like DECA, everybody is eligible to participate.

“We meet every Tuesday in room 2507, like I said, anybody is welcomed to join”, Depew said.

“We are looking for more people, especially younger people, so that when the seniors graduate, the team can continue its run”, senior debate team member Natalie Zychal said.

Senior Riya Parikh had some great things to say about how amazing the debate team has been.

“We discuss a lot of interesting topics- things that are relevant to our society today. I strongly encourage shy people to join this club; not only does it help to improve your public speaking skills, but it also looks great on college applications”.

Joining a team such as Debate team can widen students’ mental spectrum.

“We discuss a wide range of topics from healthcare all the way to superheroes,” Depew explains. “We just like to choose a topic and see what different viewpoints we can draw from them”. Whether students want to ponder life’s greatest mysteries, or finally settle the debate as to whether Pepsi or Coke is better, if they join debate team, they’ll find something that interests them.

Both the Debate team and DECA offer opportunities for growth to students. Joining either one of these organizations not only opens the door for self-improvement and knowledge that would usually be unattainable through the school curriculum, but it also allows students to boost college resumes and have fun while doing it.