Whiteside’s heartfelt debut album “Why?” hits the charts


Journei Washington, News Editor

Fresh out of Knoxville Tennessee, 18 year old Jacob Whitesides is surley an artist to watch. After years of waiting and preparation, his debut album “Why?” is finally here. Featuring songs like ‘Focus’ and ‘Open- Book’, this album is most definitely aux cord approved.

“Why?” surely puts Jacob on a higher pedestal than his other works. The songs are heavily influenced by rhythm guitar and heartfelt lyrics.

The track song ‘Focus’ most definitely shows us a new side of Jacob. Typically having slower songs with an acoustic guitar, ‘Focus’ steers away from his safe spot and is an upbeat song that sets the mood for the album with catchy lyrics and a catchy chorus that will have you signing “can you hear my love?” for days on end.

The track ‘Levitate’ goes back to his safe spot. The song features the heavy rhythm guitar but also adds a new twist with more of an upbeat tune, with his voice sounding more soft. The song talks about how a girl should not be with the guy she is with now, and she needs to levitate and let him take his place. The lyrics are also catchy and won’t be hard to sing along, with your friends in the car.

Unlike today’s artists, Whitesides holds a strong relationship with his fans. Always socializing with his fans before and after shows, through a host of social media websites, fans have already provided Whitesides with strong encouraging words about how good the album is.

Jacob’s voice can be compared to one of his biggest musical inspirations John Mayer.
Why is an album that I would definitely recommended to all ages and all grade levels. Songs like Focus, Open Book, and Lovesick gives those summer vibes that we are wishing to have again.

I give Whitesides’ album 5/5 stars. Catch Whitesides’ as an opening act to Ben Rector at the Chicago Theatre. Tickets are as low as $30, so you don’t want to miss out!