Staff fondly remember teacher

Allen Garcia, Online Editor

Susan Triplett was a physical education and health teacher at Plainfield North, but teachers here knew her as a woman of never ending kindness and compassion.

“She was always there for people, especially the students,” Mary Gucinski, Spanish teacher, said. “I remember when I was invited to one of her Halloween parties, and she took us to the basement where she had an old timey bowling alley right in her basement! We bowled, and it was a blast.”

Triplett had a reputation of making people smile, especially students. She taught physical education and health at PCHS from 2002 through 2006.

“We shared a classroom together; most of the stuff in the safety room is hers,” Mark Miller, who played football for Triplett’s father in his youth and is a driver’s education teacher, said. “She was always so kind and full of compassion that students would come to her when they were feeling down or upset. They trusted her.”

Triplett wasn’t just a teacher to students, she was also a mentor for Miller when he first started teaching.

“The way she was with students taught me a lot; I’m a better teacher because of her,” Miller said. Even though Triplett hasn’t taught here in nine years, she has left a behind something better than supplies or posters.

“She left a mark of positivity on those who knew her,” Matt Ambrose, assistant principal, said.”We were very good friends; we would hang out a lot with groups of pepole ouside of school.”

“She left a positive feeling at North; they felt as if they lost a family member,” Ambrose said.