Sleep is key to reducing stress

Summerlyn Smith , Staff Writer

Whether it’s involvement in sports, academic excellence or trying to work that part time job, it’s quite obvious that sometimes the average student struggles to find a healthy balance between living up to the standards society sets and having fun living life.
The average student usually has a job and is involved in some type of sport; put that on top of full time school, and that’s a lot. In several recent studies it’s obvious that the schedule most young people keep is unhealthy. Whether People’s Magazine is covering it or Dr. Phil is doing a segment on it, the media all covers it the same: School expectations mixed with society’s makes most students exhaust themselves.
“Getting enough sleep is important for students’ health, safety, and academic performance,” Anne Wheaton, the lead author and epidemiologist in the CDC’s Division of Population Health, said in a statement. “Early school start times, however, are preventing many adolescents from getting the sleep they need.”
From recent studies done on obesity, depression and car accidents in teenagers these problems can almost all be tied back to lack of sleep from school starting too early or staying up all night trying to get that essay done.
Lack of sleep mixed with everything else going on in a young person’s life can add up and lead to serious mental health issues, such as anxiety, panic attacks, or depression.
In a recent survey done on 147 students, results reveal some interesting opinions.
Some students feel teachers are helping them relieve stress by preparing them to be successful in school.
“They [teachers] offer help before and after school and care about grades,” Brant Plowman, freshman said.
“As an honor student, I know my teachers are trying their best to teach us what we need to do, so we can all be successful,” Eljen Caseres, freshman said.
While there is a large number of students that feel teachers are helping to set them up for success, some students feel a bit differently.
“I think our school’s curriculum isn’t updated to society and the technological advances. In higher education these advancements will be stressed, and I don’t think that our school prepares us for that,” Kaiya Hietikko, junior said.
“They kind of hold your hand through high school,” Brandon Calsor, senior said.
On the other hand, some students have mixed opinions.
“I think some do and some don’t. Some just expect you to know everything, and others guide you and help,” Amatul Husna, junior said.
“I feel regular classes are made too easy, but AP and honor classes are good for preparing you enough to be successful in school,” Basima Dous, junior said.
There are so many different opinions when it comes to good and bad stress, especially in the learning environment. It all depends on how each student learns, which can be hard when in a large class.
Finding a balance between sleep, school and work may be the key to reducing stress.