NCAA athletes should be paid for likeness

Caitylyn McCarthy, Sports Editor

Caitlyn color

NCAA College athletes should be paid for the time that they take out of their schedules to take part in advertisement campaigns. The advertisement will bring money into the school, but some money should also be given to the athlete.

If famous people get paid to be part of advertisements, then so should college athletes, because the athlete is still in school.

College athletes basically have two jobs: school and the sport they are in. Both take up a lot of time and energy that could be spent working a part time job. Additionally, if these athletes get severely injured, it will impact their future income in a negative manner.

Once college is over, the athletes will have to start the real world with virtually no money, which is wrong, especially if they took part in numerous advertisements during college. The athlete will have a disadvantage because during college they had no time to have a job, so they may not have that much experience in the work force. Being paid for the advertisements they take part in will help them have a safety net after their college career is done.

A concern some people have would be that the athletes may have received a scholarship to the school they attend to play their sport. These scholarships are great, if they are full rides. Otherwise the athletes will be responsible for the rest of tuition, and advertising money would help.

If the athlete makes it to the pros, they will have no trouble paying off debts, but the percent of college athletes that make it pro is in single digit numbers.

On the NCAA website they have stated that only 1.6% of football players, 1.2% of basketball players, 8.6% of baseball players, and 6.8% of hockey players will make it pro.

So in reality, most college athletes will leave college with no money and no professional career.

Being paid for advertisements would definitely be a big help to many college athletes to help them get their lives started. It is also only fair to pay them, since it is their image in the ad.