Pan adds touch of magic


Caitlyn McCarthy, Sports Editor

For those wondering about Peter Pan’s background and parents, Pan is a great movie. Otherwise it is not worth going to see.
The movie begins with Pan (Levi Miller) in a boy’s home during World War II, where Pan has to deal with nuns who do not care about all the boys’ wellbeing.
The boys have been realizing that some of the other orphans are going missing in the night, and nobody has answers as to where the boys are going. So one night Pan and his friend stay up to see what is going on, and they discover that pirates are taking all the boys to Neverland to dig for pixie dust. This is where Pan meets Hook (Garret Hedland).
While in the mines Hook tells Pan, “I’m not your friend, I don’t care about you. As simple as that.”
However, the relationship between Hook and Pan does not stay this way; they become close and Hook actually really does care for Pan, unlike Blackbeard (Hugh Jackman) who was the villain in the movie.
The main story line is that Pan will do anything to find his mother Mary (Amanda Seyfried), and finding a note written by his mother only increases his desire to find her.
Pan was very good at showing the emotions that his character was feeling.
All the other roles were portrayed well, expect the pirates in the movie that have makeup that appears more like clown makeup; they were actually very creepy looking. It distracted me from making the connection to the character of a pirate because they did not look the part.
Overall, there was no reason to make another Peter Pan movie. They should have not added on to the original story. Movie companies should come up with their own original ideas. This movie gets a three out of five stars.