Fairy tale magic at large in Fall Play

Summerlynn Smith, Staff Writer

The classic fairy tale Cinderella will come to life on Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. and will continue to Nov.7 at 2 p.m and 7 p.m, closing on Sunday, Nov.8 at 2 p.m.
The play was decided by Cathryn Robinson, director, after she saw another school perform it last year.
“I am also a huge Disney freak,” Robinson said.
So far, the play is coming together well, even “ahead of schedule,” Robinson said.
The play won’t be the average fairy tale that most would expect, however.
“There are a few different characters and scenes that were not in the movie. Plus we even have students playing a dog and mice,” Taetum Pfingston, junior, said. Pfingston will be playing Genevieve the princess.
The cast is excited to be embodying this fairy tale.
Morgan Giuffre, senior, was the actress to snag the coveted role of Cinderella.
“When I found out I got the part of Cinderella, I was surprised,” Giuffre said.
But even Giuffre is finding this play difficult to accurately portray.
“It’s challenging living up to the standard of a Disney princess because they are perfect,” Giuffre said.
Nonetheless, she is still infatuated with her role.
“The show is centered around you, and who wouldn’t like that?” Giuffre said.
Prince charming will be portrayed by Jesrael Leiva, senior.
When Leiva found out what role he would be bringing to life, he did what all the Hollywood actors, do and rented out Cinderella to watch the prince roles.
“I love having a lead role because it’s a challenge. I love the thrill and the attention- mostly the attention,” Leiva said.
Besides the unique spin on the play, the costumes are also a major part of the show.
“Our directors go all out when it comes to costumes and props; they look into every little detail,” Pfingston said.
“I’m really excited about bringing a childhood character to life. I get to wear lots of glitter,” junior Sami Lambert said. She feels she is the perfect actress for the fairy godmother.
Besides the friendships the actors form while on stage, they also have rituals they perform before opening day.
“Pony is something we do to get everyone pumped for the show. It’s a song of sorts, and there’s no set prayer because anyone can say something, but we mostly thank the lord for letting us come together and become a family, to have a good show, and to keep everyone safe and healthy,” Vincent Worden, junior, said. He will be playing the beloved character Harold.
Ticket prices for adults will be $7, and students and senior citizens will be $5.
Tickets can be ordered through the main office; concessions will also be available.