Homecoming preparation involves community

Elizabeth Cybulski, Asst. Edtior-in-Chief

Homecoming, the day girls put on a $200 dress, couples slow dance, and students have fun with friends. However there is so much more to Homecoming than just the dance.
On Saturday, Sept. 26 at 1 p.m. the Wildcats will be taking on the Minooka Indians for the homecoming game.
“I expect big things from the team. Freshman year we were third in conference, so I’m holding everyone to a higher standard this season,” junior, Marcus Hayes said.
“My first game against Minooka was my greatest achievement as a varsity player, starting as a sophomore. Those six games were difficult but the conditioning and preparation this year and senior year were helpful,” junior, Nick Prah said.
In addtion to the game and spirit week, there is also strong community involvement that ties all the schools together.
The Homecoming Committee is a huge part of this event throughout the whole week.
The committee is comprised of PHS alumi Jean Brannen and Ingrid Price, and Kathy Kazmar, former athletic director.
They are in charge of choosing the theme and the Grand Marshal from suggestions they all receive from the community and the schools, which they then submit to Principal Bob Smith for approval. This year’s community parade theme is Family Game Night.
The committee works on picking the theme and the dates after they find out the season schedule.
The Homecoming Committee works very hard to find volunteers to help with the parade.
“We try to ask all of our schools to help,” Pauline Herbst, administrative assissant, said.
PTSO helps with the dance, parade and donating refreshments also.
PTSO and the committee are always looking for and welcoming volunteers to help with many different events that will be taking place throughout homecoming week.
“We look forward into having a great and safe homecoming with all the events that will be taking place in the upcoming week,” Herbst said.