Max Hanna


Ihssan Ait-Boucherbil, News Editor

Trevor Zakauskas, sophomore, does vocals. Tyler Badar, sophomore is the lead guitarist. Tim Badar, junior, plays bass guitar and does vocals. Max Hanna, the band’s namesake, rocks out on the drums. Together, the five make up the band, “Max Hanna”.

According to Tim Badar, “Max Hanna”, got its start because he and his friends “all listened to the same music”. About a month ago, they agreed “it would be cool to start playing together,” said Badar. So they did just that.

For the most part, they play a style of music called “punk rock”, but Tim Badar says they’re open to playing just about any sort of music. “We practice as often as we can, but at least once a week,” said Tim Badar.

Currently, “Max Hanna” plays covers of existing songs, but one day, they hope to write their own music. Tim’s favorite song is “Adam’s Song” by blink-182, “because it sounds the best so far”.

“The best part of being in a band is laughing and playing music with my friends”, said Tim Badar.