New club, various bands showcase musical talent


Ihssan Ait-Boucherbil, News Editor

Senior Rudy Patush started Guitar Club this year, a club dedicated to playing guitar and becoming a better musician.

“I started Guitar Club because I wanted a club where I can play guitar with other people. It helps me think better,” Patush said.

“I joined because, my friends were joining and it was a place to hang out and trade music and knowledge with others,” Dan Hauser, senior said.

“I joined guitar club because my best friend Chris Gonzalez did, and its really nice listening to everyone play together,” Heather Bailey, sophomore, said.

Some members have played guitar since middle school while others have just started last year.

“I first started playing guitar freshman year because my drum set got ran over and I wanted to start a band,” Gonzalez said.

“My dad taught me how to play. It’s our common ground. He got me into rock music, and playing together is our bonding time. We are both learning together”, Cami Provencher junior said.

“I’m a dancer, so I’ve always been connected to music. I just wanted to experiment with music and instead of dancing to it, try making it,” Provencher said.

The students are all unique from their influences to the style of their playing.

“My influences are Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles. I really like blues music and music that makes you feel something and touches you,” Hauser said.

“It’s not a place to judge, it’s a place to play and learn from others”, Patush said.

“I taught myself to play. I started playing my eighth grade year. Dan and I have been playing together since sophomore year,” Patush said.

“Music has always been interesting to me. My friend gave me a guitar so I wanted to learn it because I thought it was cool,” Trevor Teeter senior said.

The club meets every Tuesday after school.