Google cars: The future of transportation

Google cars: The future of transportation

Luis Gonzalez, Feature Edit

The future is now! Last year, major car industries mocked Google for their attempt to create a self-driving vehicle. This sci-fi concept may be difficult to comprehend, but Google has pulled it off. Now the automobile industry view Google as a potential threat in the future.

“They fear Google will be a threat to their competition as people slowly learn to trust technology to control their lives,” according to The treat is not serious at this point as Google is still a long way from making Google Car street legal in most States.  According to Google, they have much to learn, and constantly have to update the software to every situation a car would face in the real world. With enough trial and error, the software will never make the same mistake twice.

The outside world is still skeptical of the safety Google claims to have. On a recent Fielder survey, half would feel safe and the other half would not feel safe in a computerized vehicle.
“[I would] not feel very safe, because at the end of the day, a car is a machine, and a machine makes mistakes, and that mistake could be the difference between life and death”, said sophomore Ruja Parika. Another student fears of potential hacks.

“In a society where hackers can get into anything, why would I risk it in a car,” said senior Tom Lotarski.

According to Google, the car has various safety features including radar, and a reengineered computer that can withstand constant vibrations from the road to the car. The radar sensors in the car can detect pedestrians, cars, bicyclists, and even cones in construction sites. Despite the pod-like design, safety concerns, and the top speed of 25 miles per hour, Google car has been receiving positive feedback.

“I believe Google can make a safe and reliable self-driving car, but I also think people will abuse these by committing illegal acts and tampering with the car, with hacking being such an impending problem. Overall, lots of potential,” said junior Quinlan Riley. At this point, Google car is only a growing idea. As time goes on, the general people may accept that this is the future.

“I would feel very secure with computerized cars because I don’t have to worthy about crashing or getting lost,” said Rachel Hannoman

The $350 billion dollar company has made show casing across the states and lobbied their way to congress California has yet been the only state to permit Google to test drive their vehicle legally, according to  Politics are the only obstacle Google faces in order to mass produce their car to consumers nationwide.