New film club begins

Lily Calderon, News Editor

Recent newly formed club, W.A.D.E Film Club had their first meeting on January 29. Joe McGuire, Sophomore, was the first to bring up the idea of a school film club.

McGuire sees it as “a way to unite students and develop friendships”.

“The idea came from a discussion that I had with Joe McGuire, a student in my AP U.S. History class, when talking about another club that I co-sponsor,” said Darren Kobliska, club sponsor.

Although official approval on the club is yet to happen, more than twenty students have showed interest on the new extracurricular.

“Film club will provide an opportunity for students with a variety of interests to get involved. Different roles may include writing scripts, researching events, acting, directing, or editing films. The club will be divided into multiple groups who will compete against each other,” said Kobliska.

Being a new club, there seems to be a more liberal approach to how to handle this extracurricular.

“Club members are going to have most of the say on how they want the club to be organized, how competitions will work, etc,” said Kobliska.

However, there is still uncertainty about the success of the club.

“We want as many students as possible to join so making students aware that such a club exists is probably our biggest obstacle at this point. We want to see how the club evolves this semester and see what improvements we can make in the future,” said Kobliska.

The club’s set times to meet are Thursdays, in room 2208.