Cheesy Pick-up-lines

Cheesy Pick-up-lines

Allie Wright, Editor in Chief

People have been using pick up lines for many years; as a joke, or to actually get a date. Although their success rate is less than desirable, pick-up lines continue to be used, making for many interesting stories.

From nerdy lines, such as senior Paul Miller’s favorite, “you and I go together like cosine and sine, because together we are one,” to smooth & clever like Bridget Ketter’s favored, “you are hotter than the bottom of my laptop;” pick-up lines are creative and fun ice breakers for any relationship.

Most individuals say them for the fun of it, but % of students have actually used a pick-up line or had one used on them. Often, students feel that how the pick-up line comes across varies depending on who says it, but usually they are just thought of as being funny.

The top three favorite pick-up lines, from a survey of 131 students are also some of the most clichéd. The number one line comes from some version of “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” # students said that it was their favorite.

In second is the classic “are you from Tennessee, because you are the only ten I see.” Finally, in third place is the cute yet nerdy, “are you a Pokémon, because I choose you!”

Students vary in opinions, thinking that pick up lines are either cute or stupid. Others feel that it depends on the person saying it and how it is said.

Sophomore Allie Wilczek said, “If it’s a cheesy pick-up line, I will laugh so it works for me. It shows that there’s a sense of humor.” Many students admit they respond in laughter as well, but do not end up actually going on a date with their admirer.

Although a relationship does not always come from using pick-up lines, there is frequently a funny story that does.

Senior Melanie Marek said, “I was at a math competition in 7th grade when a kid’s phone went off saying “welcome to Verizon wireless.” He then told the teacher that it was his calculator.”

Marek said following that round, “I told him I would marry him when Verizon made a calculator.” He then gave her his number and said “until then.” Other students have experienced admiration through the use of pick-up lines as well.

Senior, Migdalia Fernandez said she was out of town when she was hit on by a young gentleman.

“I was in D.C. for spring break and this British guy asked me if it hurt when I fell from heaven,” said Fernandez. Apparently pick-up lines are not just an American norm, but favored globally. People of all ages use them too.

“One of the kids at my daycare told me “If you were a booger, I’d pick you first,” said senior, Alana Harmon. Even at a young age, people are trying to get a hot date with their maybe not-so-smooth-talking pick-up lines.

The little one did not quite get himself a date with Harmon, but the story is priceless. At least he had the courage to talk to the girl. Senior Montel Phifer had a somewhat more successful experience using pick-up lines.

“It let me get a date, but I also got slapped,” said Phifer. Aside from trying to obtain a date, students also send them just to be funny with their already significant other.

Junior Deya Macias said, “When I’m bored, I sometimes send a bunch to my boyfriend and he kind of just laughs at me.”

No matter the age, relationship status, or culture, pick-up lines are universally fun and flirty. Whether they come across as dorky or cute, they are always amusing.