SAT to transition to online in 2024

March 3, 2022

This past year the SAT test has been through some changes, starting with Illinois making it optional and now nationwide the SAT test will be online starting in 2024.  Some changes in the online version will include students being able to use calculators on both math sections, having more time for each reading question and receiving results faster. The SAT came into question shortly after the pandemic which lead to e-learning. SAT subject tests were suspended and the California State University (CSU) system, the largest four-year public university system in the nation, moved to drop the SAT and ACT requirement entirely,” Sophia Peyser said. “The SAT should be abolished, not moved online.” according to an article in The Emory Wheel.
The changes for students are not done yet but some have chosen to speak up and have a voice also in what is happening.
“It should have been moved online because it’s more of a better chance to understand your pace.” Student Celestyn Valdez said. Students do feel it should have been moved online with the stress of switching from elearning to in school coming.  “Putting people back in school when they were once remote already causes a lot of stress at once, especially for people who did e-learning at their house the whole time,” Breanna Cunningham, senior, said. However, Assistant Principal Jon Puklin has different views.
“No, there is research out there that when students do everything online, the memory and the learning on how to learn things aren’t retained as much,” Puklin said.
The reason for the change has not yet been made clear.  “Why now? Why change the way students take the SAT? They’re a business…it’s probably a lot cheaper now they don’t have to print out so much stuff…to me the biggest reason is money,” Puklin said.
“The digital SAT will be easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant..” Association’s Director of Regulatory Affairs Priscilla Rodriguez said. But whether the SAT was changed for students’ benefit or money, all students will be taking it since it is a graduation requirement.

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