Crocs: a controversial shoe

February 19, 2020

Crocs offer utility, comfort


I am walking down the hallways and people are staring at me. Why? Is it my new shirt? No, it can’t be; they are staring down at my feet. I look down and understand why I’m getting the crowd’s attention: I’m wearing my bright yellow Crocs.

Crocs are rubber-based shoes that are both durable and comfortable. As a simple slip on shoe, it can be best utilized for casual around the house activities.

The shoes can be used in any type of weather. Their waterproof design makes them perfect for a day out to the beach. The holes that are spread throughout the top of the shoe also allow for ventilation, which is perfect for a hot summer day.

Crocs bring utility into my wardrobe. Since I’m on a swim team, I look for shoes that can withstand the wet, chlorinated environment. Crocs allow me not to worry about having to go home with soaking wet shoes because I can always take a towel to dry them down.

However, the popular opinion of one of my favorite shoes isn’t as positive. Many say the shoes make your feet look huge and that they are overall just plain ugly.

If people do feel so against the style of Crocs but want similar design advantages, they can wear slides or flip flops. However, people who choose these alternatives will lose the support Crocs offer with the adjustable band that prevents your shoes from slipping off your feet.

In my opinion, the shoes bring comfort into my wardrobe. If I decide to wear my Nikes or Adidas with fuzzy socks, my feet feel like they are being suffocated due to the limited room the shoe gives for the thicker socks. Crocs solve this issue because they don’t have laces that have to be tied up, giving the room my foot needs, unlike my sneakers.

Due to the shoes being rubber, they are incredibly easy to clean. If someone steps on your shoes, you step in mud, or you spill some ketchup on them, Crocs can handle it.

People should wear whatever makes them happy. Although Crocs look different than other shoes, it doesn’t mean people should be so quick to judge.

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Crocs lack support, aesthetics


Yes, the infamous abomination of a shoe called Crocs, with their porous complexion and vile variety of colors and designs, have come into the spotlight. Although it seems so, their awful appearance isn’t even the worst of it.

The idea of wearing Crocs in public is seemingly always accompanied by the phrase, ‘I don’t care, they’re comfortable’ but, maybe the line is no longer reliable enough to endure future issues. According to the New York post, Crocs are not suitable to wear daily like regular shoes. They do not provide proper support for your heel, which causes your toes to grip. When this gripping occurs, it can lead to tendinitis, when the tissue connecting tissue to bone becomes inflamed. Many Croc haters say the solution would be to wear slides or flip flops instead, but the same thing happens with all shoes that lack the support to the heel. Yes, I realize they do have a back strap, but according to doctor Alex Kor, president of the American Academy of Pediatric Sports Medicine, the most important part of a shoe is the shank or the support that runs under the arch of the foot. If their shoes bend at the shank, they are more likely to have foot pain.

Doctor Megan Leahy told Huffington Post, “Under no circumstances can I suggest wearing Crocs 8 to 10 hours per day.”

Leahy also noted that people tend to be clumsier when wearing Crocs than of many other shoes, because of their spacious structure, like clown shoes.

Obviously, their appearance doesn’t appeal to the fashion eye either. The holes are there to air out the shoe, but how is that useful daily? When there is snow on the ground or puddles and students walk to their cars or to the bus stop, the holes allow the snow or water to seep in and soak their feet, causing them to be freezing for the rest of the day.

Yes, I understand that Crocs are easily slipped on a taken off, but so are Vans slip-ons. The only difference is the Vans have the proper support.

Wearing Crocs should be a lounging thin more than a daily thing. There are holes in your shoes and your reasons for wearing them too.

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