Goals before winter break ends

Caitie Crossetto, Staff Reporter

A bucket list is filled with activities or accomplishments a person wants to achieve over a certain amount of time. While it’s usually referring to the time before a person “kicks the bucket” or dies, a winter break bucket list is what a students would like to accomplish before returning to school in January.
Some students want to do a wide variety of activities.
“I will play outside in the snow, if there is any. Hang out with family on the holidays, and drink warm things because it’s really cold outside,” freshman Francine Phillips said.
“I would like to go away, out of the country, with my other family for the holidays and enjoy warm weather instead of this freezing tundra,” sophomore Veronica Diaz said.
While some wanted to stay warm, others, like sophomore Cassie Childs, prefer building snowmen and outdoor activities. Childs plans to get outdoors for some fun, like bass fishing and snowboarding.
Some students are just looking forward to having free time.
“[I will] make music, like caroling and practicing, because sax is love, sax is life,” sophomore David Patush said.
“I’ll talk to my friends, because I don’t want to make them feel alone,” junior Bethany Phillips said.
Junior Ryan Riggs said he will not be doing homework, because anything is better than school.
Sophomore Maggie Govea had some imaginative ideas, however.
“I have to take the ring to Mordor and destroy it in Mt. Doom,” she said. “I guess sleep and short-necked giraffes can wait, but if I don’t make it to Mordor, well…”
If these students were unable to do those before winter break ends, they’d be disappointed, but other students are looking for ideas of what to do.
Some possible actvities are: sledding down snowy hills, ice skating in down town Chicago on Michigan Avenue, go find the pickle in the Christmas tree, visit Lincoln Park Brookfield zoo light show, visit Macys Christmas Window, go to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago, contribute to the Chicago Polar Plunge, Go see a play, and come to see the Madrigal show! There are a boat load of winter activities students can keep occupied over winter break. For this year, students will have an opportunity to finish their goals before winter break ends in a dreadful regret of missing to complete their goals.