Best video game villians

Best video game villians

Tom Doyle, Staff Writer

Throughout the millions of titles of games released from the late 70s till now there have been all-star characters, Link from Legend of Zelda and Mario from super Mario bros. But no good protagonist is without a good antagonist, someone to bring the best out in the hero.

By far one of the most interesting and story-driven villains would have to be William Afton of FNAF fame. Spanning 7 core games, an AR title, a VR title, a Triple-A spin-off, and a book series, this franchise has been 9 years in the making and William Afton is nothing to bat an eye at.

He’s not bad for the sake of being bad, rather he’s a sick and twisted individual on a quest to revive his dead children through the means of fusing them with machines as well as on a quest to seek his own immortality. Learning more and more about immortality through the preserved agony of others called “remnant” he’s as sadistic as he is cold and calculating, always planning and thinking knowing exactly what he’s doing and always covering his tracks so he never faces repercussions for his crimes.

His story spans over 40 years in a timeline spanning from 1983 to 2023 starting with his first son losing his life in a prank gone wrong as well as his daughter losing her due to faulty machinery as well. Losing 2 of 3 of his children he then goes on a bender trying to revive them as well as trying to preserve himself but he soon faces repercussions for his crimes as he is trapped inside one of the suits he made while being haunted by the very spirits he created.

This suit has fused with him bringing him back from the dead as a living corpse encased in a suit. in a sick and twisted way he found his immortality and survives through sheer agony and willpower.

As creepy as he looks as his alter ego spring trap with the demented rabbit suit that is slowly rotting away showing more and more of the corpse inside the suit which is not only unsettling but is very uncanny as its something that is alive that shouldn’t be which is one of the major reasons there’s a huge campaign to get this character in Dead By Daylight, which is a multiplayer survival horror game.

Another reason for this villain’s menacing tone by far has to be the voice, PJ Heywood does an excellent job at providing a very calm yet unsettling voice on top of a great English accent.

overall this villain is a staple in the horror genre of gaming and is well known for how creepy he is as well as his backstory and voice talent. I can see this character going into the list with the likes of GLaDOS and Raul Menedez as one of the most well-known and fleshed-out villains in gaming history.