Club Spotlight: Crochet club

Rebecca Law, Staff Writer

“The unofficial name is Granny club.”

Every lovely Thursday and Friday after school, students meet together to eat cookies, drink tea, and crochet. This year a new club is introduced to students, the crochet club.

The club is student-run and available to all students in all grade levels. Despite being called the crochet club, club members are not strictly crocheting.

“This is an opportunity for students to get together,” Josh Bloodgood, faculty sponsor, said. ”We explore arts and crafts, crochet, knitting, yarn-work, and others sampling tea.”

“We offer a variety of different activities. Such as playing board games, making bracelets, and so much more,” junior Carmen Huber, club leader, said.

Students that are already in the club are particularly fond of the environment which the club brings.

“Crochet club allows students to feel very safe because there’s no judgment,” Zara Afzal, junior, said, “Everyone is really kind and respectful to each other.”

By joining the club, students can use it as an outlet from school.

“Not only does the club encourage students’ social activity,” Bloodgood said, “it also provides an escape from the pressures of academic work.”

Additionally, club members welcome new students who may have an interest in any of the activities the club provides.

“I encourage students to join the club because it supports and helps people explore their creativity.” Yami Gonzales, sophomore, said.

Despite the club being new, students and sponsors see a bright future for the club.

“I’m excited to see the different ideas that will happen when we do more activities together as a group,” Natalie Adelman, sophomore, said.

“We hope to be branching our meetings with members in the community.” Bloodgood said, “we can learn from others and share our skills with them, as well as, volunteering at assisted living centers with people who may enjoy our company.”

Crochet club provides a simple and comfortable way to get involved with the school. Students are able to meet new people with the same interests, as well as learning different crafts in a creative setting. Club members hang out and bond through conversations. The next meeting will be on Dec. 22 in room A209 after school. All students are welcomed.