Student council to host needy family fundraiser

Andrew Garcia, Staff Writer

With the help of Cystic fibrosis association, the student council is hosting a Needy Family Fundraiser. 

“The Needy Family Fundraiser is where people buy gifts from the children’s wish list of children who have cystic fibrosis and bring it to school, and then we wrap them and give it to them for Christmas,” Lindsey Neufeld, student council member, said. Student council members Neufeld and Ellianna Gashi set up everything.

I am very proud of the work that Lindsay and Ellianna did on this. They literally did everything. They found the organization and set up all the logistics with them. They also worked with the PHS administration to make sure they were following all directives,” Jim Coventry, student council sponsor, said. Many families have unfortunate situations where they are not able to enjoy Christmas to the fullest.

“My favorite thing about the fundraiser is that we get to see the family’s smile on Christmas day,” Ellianna Gashi, Jr student council member, said. Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder that affects the lungs, pancreas, and other organs.

“I was able to select what organization we wanted to help our cause, I chose the cystic fibrosis association because my cousin has it,” , Neufeldsaid. Many memories are made during the events of coming together to help others in need.

“This is an amazing opportunity to serve and be a leader, and both Lindsay and Ellianna will always have this great experience to remember and build on in the future,” Coventry said.

“My favorite thing about the fundraiser is that all of the student council members come together to wrap the gifts. It’s such a positive and exciting day,” Neufeld said. Traditions of helping others is very important to the students of our school.

“It has been a tradition for 10+ years,” Neufeld said. There are multiple ways to help spread awareness of the fundraiser.

“Please share with family and friends about our fundraiser. From word of mouth to anyway on social media. Think of how happy the kids will be because of you and your efforts.” Gashi said.