Valentine’s Day should take on different meaning

To some, there is nothing more cliché than a box of chocolates and a flowery, handwritten poem.  Others look forward to the grand gestures and heartfelt words that come along with Valentine’s Day all year long.  However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily have to be the commercialized, romance-centered holiday people make it out to be.  In fact, whether one is in a romantic relationship or not, he or she can still celebrate the holiday.

According to writer Rachel Collucci, in her article “Valentine’s Day is Not Just for Couples,” “We have been programmed to think love is only valid if it is from a significant other and that it only exists when those famous three words are exchanged.”

This is not the case because love can be present in many different relationships.  It exists within family relationships and friendships, not just romantic relationships.  Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all different forms of love—single people can celebrate the holiday even though they are not dating.

Yes, it is true that Valentine’s Day may seem superficial when considering the commercialism and unrealistic expectations associated with the holiday.  According to ABC News, people are expected to spend a whopping 18.2 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day gifts this year.  While certain parts of the holiday are overrated, Valentine’s Day itself isn’t.  It should be about showing loved ones affection, not about impressing and one-upping others with the year’s top gifts.

According to psychologist Linda Walter, in her article, “Single on Valentine’s Day,” people, whether they are single or unsatisfied with their relationship, should try not to compare themselves to other people they see on TV or in public.

This can lead to depression and make the holiday even harder to get through.  When constantly comparing oneself to others, it is easy to find flaws and ignore the positives in life.

If people focus more on their relationships (whether or not they are romantic) and less on showering significant others with gifts and grand gestures, Valentine’s Day would be much more enjoyable for singles and couples alike.