Real haunted houses offer authentic scares in Joliet

Dayanara Miranda, Opinion Editor

Spooky season is here with typical decorating, windy weather, fall scented candles, and most importantly, the scary stuff.

Most attractions such as fright fest at Six flags Great America, Hells gate, and other haunted houses that usually consist of a theme and actors dressing up to scare people. Some of those places have been claimed to be actually haunted but those events are just a show and don’t meet the requirement of what it takes to make them to some people awake at night.

For those who are sick of the same dressed up clowns every year, the houses listed below are houses near the area that have been proven to be haunted by paranormal experts. Some are abandoned, some have been sold, some are still up for sale, and some allow for tours. Go at your own risk.

One of the most well known haunted houses in Joliet is the Frank Shaver Allen Home. Located on 608 Morgan St, Joliet 60436, this house was built by the architect Frank Shaver (1860-1934) who built many buildings in the Joliet area such as the Joliet Township High school according to the Joliet Patch.

According to the, those who have visited, or have lived in the house, have seen a nanny and a little boy who previously lived there supposedly ask if they would like to play, and then disappear abruptly. There was also an elderly woman who died there as well who has also been reportably seen. Furthermore, there have been fires that would just randomly appear and then disappear. An investigation done in the 1970’s also showed those sightings as well as voices heard.

There were a couple of potential buyers throughout the years to transform the place, but they have given up. Last year, however, it was purchased for $89,000 by an anonymous buyer according to the, reason being so people wouldn’t show up unexpectedly or call begging for a tour.

The next house is Hiram B. mansion located on 206 North Broadway Street in Joliet. According to the Huffpost, the house was built by another architect, James Reese, for Scutt in 1882. Story goes that a civil war veteran and Hiram Scutt lived there, but when Scutt died, it was passed down to his son. When that son died, the house was used for various events until real estate broker Brian Kearney acquired it in 2005.

Kearney wanted to turn the house into a bed and breakfast according to the Joliet Patch, but plans were turned down when a party was going on in the house and a Joliet teen was shot. After the murder, a John Wilkes impersonator bought the house, but when wanting to transform the house into a museum, he died unexpectedly.

There have been paranormal investigations done, and the house is now acquired by a doctor who paid $159,000 for it.

The last house is the A.J. Bates house, which is located on 500 Western, Joliet. The house was built in 1888 according to, and it was a main attraction due to the Romanesque revival style of the house with brick and stone arch motifs.

According to, the house was created by Allen as well. Story has it that a doctor lived there and would do illegal “experiments” on people on the third floor. Neighbors who lived around the house have always felt a creepy vibe whenever passing by it.

The house had been owned by the bank and was displayed as a open house. For a low price of $129,000, the house was bought and the new owner has been restoring it and is now available for tours and open houses.

There are many more houses around in Illinois that have similar stories and can have possible tour opportunities or sales, but these are the most well know that can guarantee a scare and a history lesson.