The feminist fight for equality is misguided

Alana Daliege, News Editor

Feminists are fighting against pink tax, for higher wages, rights over their children, and overall not to be stereotyped.

Pink Tax is the belief that women’s products are more expensive than men’s products, including clothing, children toys, and self-care products.

For example, women’s clothing cost 29% more than men’s clothing according to  They also state that women’s accessories are 7% more and their self-care products are 13% more than men’s.

However, women aren’t paying for the pink color of their razors or the floral scent of their shampoo, they’re paying for the ingredients in their products.  If there are more expensive ingredients, in any product, the consumer should be paying the worth of the product.

Men and women are obviously different.  They have different needs which means they contain different products in the making.  According to, men tend to have more oil-producing glands, which means they need harsher products.  However, women’s products use more plant-based ingredients, which are more expensive, which brings increases the overall price.

People also talk about the wage gap and how much less women are paid. However, they contain look at the uncontrolled pay wage which measures median salary for all men and all women regardless of job type, seniority, location, industry, years of experience, etc.

The uncontrolled gap shows that women receive 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. This is not comparing apples to apples, because some jobs pay less than others regardless of whether a man or woman has the job.  Woman are typically drawn to care taking jobs, which are lower paying jobs on the pay scale for example.

A controlled pay gap study, in which men and women who have the same job and qualifications are compared, reveals that women receive 98 cents for every dollar a man makes, and the two cents are most likely from longer maternity leaves that women take compared to men.

I’m not saying there are no stereotypes, just that some feminists make it out to be worse that what reality shows, and they also make men seem like the enemy.

Overall, men are too different from women, in multiple ways, to compare the two.  Men don’t commonly wear thousands of dollars’ worth of accessories.  They work more heavy lifting jobs, like construction, rather than care taking jobs because they scientifically have twice as much muscle than women according to

I believe everyone should be treated equally, but realistically. Women should not be comparing the two without knowing the facts.  Most feminists go overboard by demanding and attacking men when they don’t truly know the full story.