Free Pain

Jon Kealey, Staff Writer

Netflix has always been highly regarded in their ability to produce popular original films and shows, including the likes of “Stranger Things”, “Daredevil” and “13 Reasons Why”. Well unfortunately, success isn’t always the result of these originals.

“Free Rein” is the story of a 15 year old girl named Zoe (Jaylen Barron) who leaves the comforts of LA to spend the summer with her mother, sister, and grandfather at his home in England. There she develops an unexplainable bond with a horse and, in him, finds the friend she never knew she needed.

To be simply put, the quality of “Free Rein” is extremely low par. Unlike most Netflix productions, the budget seems lacking and brings about nostalgic memories of corny 90’s teen sitcoms. Barron’s inexperience in acting is evident, as it is with all of her fellow cast members. Many scenes are extremely cheesy and their quality of acting is that seen in an infomercial.

The writing of the show fails to be anything special and is extremely predictable. The dialogue comes off as artificial with the use of phrases that simply aren’t prevalent in modern society, such as Rosie only referring to her sister as “sis”, and doing so a tad too often if you ask me.

While watching “Free Rein”, you’ll likely find yourself cringing at the untimely humor, the awkward encounters between characters, and the obvious lack of chemistry between the actors.

Season 2 of “Free Rein will be released in the summer of this year yet it’s quite hard to imagine taking another five hours out of your life to give it a watch. I give “Free Rein” a low score of 1.5/5.