Chance takes chance; succeeds


Micha'la Hood, Staff Writer

The mixtape by Chance was definitely one for the books! The celebrity collaborations, the ties to Chicago culture, and the diversity between tracks make it one of the best projects to be released in 2016.
The mixtape holds a record number of features including collaborations with Justin Bieber, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Jeremih, and many more. These features set the project apart from some of Chance’s more solo-oriented releases.
One of the best features of the mixtape is the many references to Chicago’s present and past. Chance the Rapper mentions footworking and juking, two very popular Chicago dances in the track ‘Juke Jam’, when he says, “Your big brother foot work, Your play sister Juke”.
He also mentions the more negative conditions in the song ‘Angels’ when he says, “It’s too many young angels on the Southside, Got us scared to let our grand mommas outside,” and then goes on to mention some popular Chicago radio stations, “GCI, 107.5, angel goin’ live, Power 92, angel, juke, angel gon’ juke, GCI, 107.5, goin’ live, Power 92, angel gon’ juke, juke, juke, juke”.
The mixtape offers a little something special to all listeners, from songs about God, like ‘Blessings’, to turn up songs that are sure to get all listeners hyped, like ‘No Problems’.
The original mixtape does unfortunately contain profanity, but a clean version is also offered to listeners to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy it. The melodic lyricism makes it intriguing to listen to.
Chance the Rapper raps about real-life and relationships, which is what sets him apart from most other rappers today. This mixtape deserves 4.5 stars.